Cricket Bookie

Cricket is one of the world’s most famous sports and has a large fan following in a lot of countries. Currently, the countries that play this sport on a national level are Australia, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, West Indies, England, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Many other countries also feature the sport but are not full members of the International Cricket Council. In Australia, this sport has reached various levels of fame, as has one of the best cricket teams in the world. Online betting for cricket is also available for punters who would like betting access in different parts of the world.

Cricket originally started during the Tudor times in the early 16th century, where its name was initially Creag. It was a children’s sport, which slowly gained popularity amongst the adult population and became England’s National Sport in the 18th century. They promoted this sport in their colonies that, now being part of the Commonwealth, are still taking part in this sport. There are cricket boards in every country that features the sport. These associations work towards increasing the participation in these sports, raising media awareness, regulating the sport as well as keeping the betting circles in check.

In Australia, Cricket Australia is the board for the sport. Its member associations include Cricket New South Wales, Queensland Cricket, South Australian Cricket Association, Tasmanian Cricket Association, Cricket Victoria and Western Australian Cricket Association. It features cricket matches for both men and women teams. Interstate matches are also included in the line up and most importantly, the national team’s information is also given. News updates, photos, information for fans, blogs, team announcements, overseas performances and more are provided by the board’s website. The board also invites other to join in and participate in the matches. Having the most organized national cricket team in the world, the Australian cricket board attracts a plethora of very talented cricket players every year to try out for different levels of the sport in the country.

There many forms of cricket all over the world including beach cricket, night cricket, indoor cricket, French cricket, Kwik cricket and more. The cities of India and Pakistan play "gully cricket" on the streets while Samoa enjoys it’s own version of Kilikiti.

The Laws of Cricket

A set of rules were drawn up and kept by the Marylebone cricket club to regulate the game due to the level of wagers that are placed on these games. These laws help standardize cricket allover the world and to maintain uniformity in national competitions. This way, the sport is a fair competition for all countries that are participating. Originally these laws could only be changed by the Marylebone Cricket Club itself, but now it can also be modified or altered after discussion with the global cricket governing body, the International Cricket Council.

The laws include rules regarding the players and officials, equipment and pitch layout, structure of the game, scoring, mechanics of dismissal, winning, ways to get out, fielders and fair and unfair play. Specifications and diagrams of the stumps, bails, pitch, creases, bats and gloves are all provided as well in the appendix. All in all these laws provide a thorough guideline for fair and standard play to avoid any further problems that may occur due to any fault in the rules.

The International Cricket Council

The ICC is the international governing body of cricket that regulates and organizes its 104 members. It is responsible for the organization of the world’s largest cricket tournaments such as the Cricket World Cup and also for the appointments of the umpires and referees for the tournaments. Out of the 104 members, only ten are full members: Australia, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, West Indies, England, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and South Africa. These members are allowed to participate in matches of all levels. Other members are cannot participate in the test matches.

The popularity of the sport has given rise to a large amount of sports betting that takes place on the outcome of the matches. The sizes of the wagers tend to be high enough to lead to many bettors fixing matches. Due to many match fixing scandals, the International Cricket Council initiated its Anti-corruption and Security Unit. This unit also helps defeat any drug issues that have plagued the cricketers.

Cricket Bookmakers

Betting on your favorite sport is now an easy task, with the availability of internet bookmaking sites. Bookmakers are now accessible online and offline accepting all sorts of bets and providing the best in customer services. One should always exercise care and caution when choosing a bookie and only reputable bookies should be chosen. The odds are presented in all forms to suit gamblers from all over the world. Many bookmakers provide personal tips and services on their websites that could help you make an informed decision.

You can bet on the outright match winner, the total number of runs scored, the top scoring batman, most match sixes, the team that’s wins the toss, highest opening partnership and many more aspects of the game. Cricket bookmakers provide various kinds of bets, whether it’s a straight bet or a parlay, to make your experience even better, especially if you win the wager.

Bet on cricket online

Online betting today has made it a lot easier for punters to bet on their favorites without having to even go to the matches themselves. If the World Cup is held in South Africa and you’re stuck in Australia, you can still follow the news updates and sign up with an online bookmaker to place your bets. No matter if you’re stuck at home, at work, traveling or are simply too busy to reach the matches or bookmakers in person, just go online and avail the brilliant opportunity of placing the winning wager and taking home a lot of money.